Multiple Facilities

We have a robust infrastructure, featuring multiple manufacturing units strategically located across the country, supported by a state-of-the-art innovation lab in Delhi NCR.


Innovation Experts

Our dynamic team of over 100 innovation experts comprises seasoned chefs, creative mixologists, skilled baristas, and adept sales professionals.

BRC Certified

Quality Assurance

Our BRC-certified manufacturing unit ensures the highest standards of safety and quality. With rigorous compliance measures in place, trust in our commitment to excellence.

Supply Chain

Pan India Presence

Our robust distribution network seamlessly connects every corner of the nation, ensuring swift and efficient delivery to meet the needs of our customers nationwide.

Bespoke Solutions

At NuTaste, we offer bespoke food, beverage, and nutrition solutions as per our partner’s needs. Our approach revolves around customization, tailoring recipes to meet each client’s unique requirements. However, we offer balance of customization and standardization that sets us apart. With NuTaste, innovation meets reliability, redefining the standards of food technology.

Extensive Flavors

With over 4000 flavors in our library, NuTaste redefines taste innovation. From savory seasonings to refreshing beverage syrups and indulgent bakery solutions, we craft culinary experiences like no other. Beyond taste, we pioneer functional blends and therapeutic foods, marrying flavor with nutrition for wellness and vitality. At NuTaste, diversity is our strength, and innovation is our passion.

Food Innovation

Innovative Product Development

Our team of experts is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of taste, efficiency, and sustainability. From conceptualization to implementation, we leverage the latest advancements in food technology to craft unique and delightful products that not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the modern palate.

Global Culinary Expertise

We provide diverse culinary expertise to cater to a broad range of tastes, ensuring the ability to adapt to different geographical and cultural preferences.

World Food
Artificial Caviar

Adaptability to Trends

We seamlessly integrate evolving consumer preferences and industry trends into our solutions, ensuring our offerings are always contemporary, innovative, and reflective of the latest market demands.